thanks to climate change, see levels are…falling?

started by katrina, February 14, 2019
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      new studies have been released by the sea levels are actually falling, not rising. but wait, aren’t they supposed to be rising?

      if you haven’t caught on to the steps of climate change, CO2 causes temperatures to rise, melting the ice caps, and causing world sea levels to…rise. but recent news has just come from The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC). it came from Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner who is one of the greatest/smartest oceanic experts in the world. he said that after his 50 years of studying ocean fluctuations, their is a higher chance of sea levels to fall, not rise, stating that their has been no rapid change in sea levels over that past years, and there never will be. think about that, have you heard any news about major cities like Miami, or Amsterdam, or Rio or places like that being swamped because of rising sea levels? he says that over the past 125 years, sea levels have fallen about 0.9mm per year. if you do the math, that is about 112.5mm fallen over time. how can you say climate change is real, when sea levels are falling?

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      President @realdonaldtrump would call climate change a hoax and consider it global warming instead.  Climate change is REAL; moreover, the climate gets worse unless we act properly.  #thankunext 😀

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        you didn’t read my article, did you?

    • Climate Change Is Real. We might go through ups and downs but it is a real threat to the earth and we most do everything we can to prevent it from getting worse than it is

    • Those cities will be underwater by 2100 because of the global average temperatures rising by even 0.5-2 degrees Fahrenheit

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