started by marclovestheweather, November 2, 2018
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    • Just curious….. now that we FALL back this weekend one hour, what is the local sunrise and sunset times for your area? Ill start….. Long island, New York on Sunday   sunrise: 6:30 sunset 4:45. just want to see how much daylight different places are getting now that we’re getting closer to the winter solstice….. 🙂

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      For us, sunset will now be around 5pm!  DEPRESSING!  But mornings won’t be dark anymore, with sunrise around 6:15 a.m.

      I prefer to have it darker in the evening since I’m not a night person anyway. 🙂  But dark mornings are the worse.  It makes it feel like it’s the middle of the night and it’s much harder to wake up!!  I don’t want to drive or wait for the bus in the dark either.

      I wish we could stay on standard time year round like AZ and HI.  It’s the “real” time anyway.  And I noticed we stay on DST a lot longer than on ST…I hate that.  It’s much easier for me to adjust to going back one hour rather than ahead one hour.

      The latter takes me a week to get used to, whereas the former about 3 days.

      Thanks for the post.  🙂  I forget that it’s different in different areas of the country!  Since I’m on the west coast, the sun will set sooner over there than here.  Makes sense!




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        @kittykat, I love it when the sky turns dark early in the evening.  After all, I am sensitive to light, especially the sunshine.  Yes, I wish that Oklahoma would stay on standard time year round like both Arizona and Hawaii do.  #nomoreDSTplease 🕰⏰

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        Different strokes for different folks, Andy.  🙂

        I like and need light, but I can’t be exposed to the sun without sunglasses like I could when I was much younger! And the sun is bad for your skin/eyes anyway.  😉

        Still so dark in the morning, and I turn on so many lights!  So I’m not saving energy when we go to DST, since it will be dark in the morning again due to the earlier hour!



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      This morning’s sunrise here in Mid Michigan was at 7:16 AM and sunset will be at 5:22 PM.  It seems so good to be able to wake up easily at 8 AM again.  I HATE  Daylight savings time.


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