Sunday, Dec. 1-South West Michigan-4" Of Overnight Snow

started by AmazedHuman, December 1, 2019
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      We were supposed to get a lot of wind, snow, sleet, freezing rain mix but what we got was all snow. A little over 4″ of wet heavy snow. I was told there was, but evidently slept right through,  an extremely loud rumbling thunder storm last night about midnight. Totally missed it and I usually don’t miss thunderstorms. At any rate, this morning looks nice but it’s miserable to be dealing with. Too heavy to shovel, miserable to drive in. The next three or four days should help get rid of a bit of it with no new precipitation forecast. We’ll see. This morning was beautiful to see but not fun to cope with.

      Currently 31 with an average wind from the ENE of 10 mph. Feels like 23 degrees. Dew Point 29, Humidity 91%, Barometer 29.38, Visibility 6 mi., Sunrise 7:53 am, Sunset 5:08 pm.

      50% chance of snow flurries and showers. Temperatures near steady in the mid 30s. NE winds 10 – 15 mph.

      Cloudy. Low 27. NNE winds 10 -15 mph.


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