STUPID Spectrum took away local weather

started by KittyKat, September 15, 2018
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    This is the only safe place to vent about something only fellow weather fans get, esp. us “dinosaurs” who like seeing it on an old-fashioned TV…;-)   I had even recently posted on here that “even the local cable community channel has a local forecast, including micro climates”.

    No more.  All of a sudden it’s not there anymore.  And they gave me no heads up, like “Effective or starting on September 12th 2018, we will no longer be showing the weather.”  Not only that, they took away the traffic cam footage and traffic reporters.  The traffic and weather on that channel has been my routine forever.

    It is also missing from the main menu, under “weather”.  I guess they will put something there eventually, but now it’s just a blank screen.  🙁

    I enjoyed seeing/hearing the smile and friendly demeanor of the first meteorologist on the early broadcast (6am!)  Also, I that local cable channel was my “go to” one whenever my local CBS (example) was covering a stupid, high speed car chase some idiot was leading the cops on.  I mean they would cover it the WHOLE HOUR.  No sports, no weather, no other news—world or local.  Just staying on that car chase…and it’s “breaking news” even though it’s old hat.  Another high speed chase.  Yawn…

    That’s when I go to the cable channel.  I hate it when the rug is pulled from me like that!  Yeah, I know “a lot” of people use their smartphones and crap to get the weather.  BUT “a lot” is NOT “everyone” as implied.  I’m sure it’s about money—they dropped the weather because it’s not cost effective.  I hate it when companies stop doing or making something without at least warning you first.

    Even the traffic maps aren’t helpful anymore, with nobody around to explain what the trouble is on certain red areas:  Accident?  Construction?  What? The reporters would tell you, also about things like sporting events near by or someone like Obama is in town.  The maps are tiny and hard to read or see.  But at least I enjoyed the weather forecast, finding that useful everyday.

    Sigh…Vent over.  Whew!  I feel better now.




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