Stormy weather

started by Flintster, August 25, 2017
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      I understand the urgency in Texas,but what about weather coming into Florida? The last i heard something was coming our way. How about a report once and awhile!

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      I noticed that anytime there’s a BIG storm or hurricane like “Harvey” currently, I TUNE out from the TWC.  They literally don’t cover ANYTHING or ANYWHERE ELSE!!

      I know it’s important to track, but not EVERYBODY lives in that path!  I don’t mean to sound heartless, but the SW has weather too.  We’re in for a “dangerous heat wave” but they are not covering it.  They are not even showing our sunset/sunrise times which I’m obsessed with (esp. with the changing of the season in a few weeks)

      The cable company and local channels of networks like CBS is better for local weather forecasts.

      So I wanted to say, I can relate to what you’re saying even if I’m on the West.  🙂



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        Thanks for your response KittyKat. We ended up with 15 inches of rain over a 4 day period. Nothing was EVER SAID!  2 weeks later,IRMA!!!

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