Storm Stories instead of Highway Through Hell

started by AWNHD, January 6, 2019
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      One thing I think that would like to see on The Weather Channel (including 4 Local on the 8’s and more live weather coverage on the weekends and evenings) is I would like to see shows like Storm Stories, Twist of Fate, and other shows that actually have something to do with the weather. How in the world does Highway Through Hell, S.O.S: How to Survive, You’d Think You Would Survive, Natural Born Monsters, and Why Planes Crash have anything to do with the weather???

      Doubt anybody from The Weather Channel would even look at this and take this post into consideration.

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      I actually enjoy the Highway Through Hell series. It definitely shows trying to earn a living and make it through adverse weather conditions. Also the How To Survive and Why Planes Crash…all weather related, so all enjoyable for those of us who thrive on anything to do with the weather. Glad for the variety.

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      I agree. It seems that in the rare cases I am able to watch TWC, Highway Thru Hell is always on. I want to see shows that have more to do with weather. like Tornado Alley or Hurricane 360. So Yoy Th. you sur. is a good show but I want to see more weather shows on their. it is called “The WEATHER Channel” for a reason

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