Storm Chaser Software.

started by EdEason, June 7, 2017
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      I have a question. I am a truck driver and have multiple apps for weather warnings that have helped me avoid several tornado warned areas over the years. As I watch “Storm Chasers” on the Weather Channel, I see them using software that shows warned areas and radars similar to what is seen on TWC. Are those programs available to general public? I am looking for decent mapping/warning programs for my laptop with Windows 10. It is GPS enabled. I have no real interest in chasing storms, but I would like to know if a storm is chasing me? Thanks Ed

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      Hi Ed!

      I have The Weather Channel app on my phone, which follows my GPS location and will alert me if severe weather is in my area. This also works on the PC at you can enable:

      I also love the radarscope app on my phone. There is a one time download fee of 9.99, but the radar data is quite good, and includes all National Weather Service warnings as well. There is an additional subscription for the Pro version which has even more features including lightning.

      I hope this helps, and safe traveling out there!
      Kelly Cass


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