Stop being crazy over a man who got shot near his vehicle!

started by FooFighters, August 27, 2020
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      Y’all gonna riot just because a black man was shot? HE WAS TRYING TO GET A WEAPON FROM HIS VEHICLE! ALL LIVES MATTER!

      Democrats are trying to riot and burn down major cities. If those cities had Republican mayors none of this would be happening.

      And if you think Trump is doing nothing about it… would you rather have that then Biden allowing this everywhere throughout America?

      It’s just as bad as Hurricane Laura, probably worse.

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      The RNC has speakers who know what they’re talking about. The DNC was a mess. One of the speakers at the RNC said you won’t be safe in Biden’s America.

      Notice how this mayhem is happening in Democrat cities and none in cities with Republican mayors?

    • @foofighters you really shouldn’t be posting this kind of stuff on a weather forum. This is the reason why @andymoserweather bullied you. Politics is divisive

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      The person who said politics is divisive is right. This isn’t really the place for politics, even though what you said is absolute truth. You have no idea of how many Americans are sick to death of Liberal Democrats deifying black thugs and criminals. It’s pretty much all a part of demolition our nation and dividing its citizens.  And it hasn’t escaped notice of thinking people that all of the riots, looting, burning, killing of innocent people is being done in Democrat led states and cities. That’s what results from having ignorant, inept leadership. But yeah…we shouldn’t be posting truth about what is an agenda to divide and bring us down. So stop that.

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      Although I agree with the post, it seems inappropriate for this site. It seems as though you’re looking for an argument @foofighters.

      I 100% agree with @AmazedHuman

      There are other places to debate that stuff, online..

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