Snow pellets – graupel

started by manowx, February 26, 2018
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      Today on AMHQ the subject of precipitation came up.  It was graupel otherwise known as snow pellets or is that snow pellets otherwise know as graupel?  In order to avoid confusion, TWC and all weather outlets should avoid synonymous weather terms.  In the US, this precipitation was originally called snow pellets.  We need not call it by any other name.  In the U.S., 20 years past, graupel was the name given to embryonic hail ( small ice ) in thunderstorms, partly responsible for charge separation. In the Autumn, I’ve seen balls of ice appreciably larger than bits of hail seemingly rimed with snow, or snow embedded in ice.  Conversely, aggregates of snow rimed with super-cooled water droplets are the more apparent snow pellet.  Snow pellets can fall from a thunderstorm but that does not mean it’s “soft hail” – often an alternate description of graupel.  I personally don’t think of snow pellets as hail in the least because they don’t have a nucleus of ice, at least according to my dissection.

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      We had graupel fall the other day.  I have the diagonal line explaining how we get hail, sleet, freezing rain, and snow.  How is graupel made?

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