Since Haley is not deleting my cereal box

started by MesocycIone2, April 28, 2020
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      I’m gonna trash this site with random shit.

      Biden 2020!

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      I can’t determine if this is Mesocyclone (it apparently looked like him on the delete my account thread) or @deletemesocyclone who makes these fake accounts.

      Anyways, the @andymoserweather account claimed to be from one state, and his new account Mesocyclone claimed to be from another.

      @haleybrennan while Mesocyclone hasn’t posted anything unrelated to weather, this is another thing I’m concerned about other than the cereal box. I don’t mean to bombard you with a ton of notifications and I can say the same for AnnaKendrick47. But please delete the bothersome cereal box, as it is considered trolling. I’ve emailed you multiple times about this. I am the only one being made fun of on this entire forum, and it’s the cereal box. I’m asking you politely. Thank you.

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      This Republican-registered voter is against Donald Trump, the worst president in U.S. history. I hope that some (if not all) Republican voters make the right decision to vote for Joe Biden this November. It is time to take out this buffoon from the Oval Office. #biden2020 #ridewiththebide 😀

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      Do you mean the Joe Biden who can’t even mutter a sensible sentence?  Funny you are!

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      You go @CathieU. But this site is quickly going down the drain.

      @AndyMoserWX beware of trolls like this.

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      Sorry @AndyMoserWX, but I am going with @CathieU. We don’t want a president who has inadequate speaking skills and memorization. And we don’t want Democrats to turn the United States of America into another Venezuela, meaning socialism.

      Go ahead and vote for whoever you want. I’m just recommending Trump to prevent corruption from the left.

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      @foofighter, kiss my covfefe if you dare! 😀

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      Finally @AndyMoserWX didn’t use a hashtag in his post. And watch Trump cross 270+ electoral votes in six months!

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      Please do us all a favor and take your political opinions and your non- weather related views elsewhere.

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