Saturday, Nov. 23-South West Michigan-Clouds Clearing Out

started by AmazedHuman, November 23, 2019
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      A nice mild day, the first half of a pleasant late November weekend. We are in a mild weather pattern right now that is both surprising and welcome. We are all well aware, here in Michigan, that when the bottom falls out on this pleasantness, and it will, things are going to get Winter ugly. Fingers crossed that this holds off for as long as possible. At any rate, for today we’ll get busy and do some last minute outdoor tasks so that when Spring arrives, eventually and hopefully inevitably, things will look tidy and neat.

      Currently 32 with an average wind from the S of 7 mph. Feels like 26 degrees. Dew Point 30, Humidity 90%, Barometer 29.89 & falling, Visibility 8 mi., Sunrise 7:44 am, Sunset 5:11 pm.

      Partly cloudy today with a high of 41. SW winds 5 -10 mph.

      A few overnight clouds. Low 30. WSW winds 5 -10 mph.


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