Saturday, March 9-South West Michigan-On The Brink Of Yet Another Goofy Time Change

started by AmazedHuman, March 9, 2019
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    So, not only are we looking at another wind storm in my area – this one at least with rain rather than snow – but here we are set to run around changing all the clocks to accommodate yet another goofy, disruptive time change. Be sure to be a good little puppet and change them all. You do know that if our elected politicians could stop playing war games among themselves and actually get down to working, they could perhaps come together and put a stop to this unwanted, unnecessary tinkering around with time twice a year. Just pick one. Who cares which one – just pick one and stick with it.

    Currently 25 with an E wind of 9 mph making it feel like 16 degrees. Dew Point 16, Barometer 30.15 & falling, Humidity 69%, Visibility 7 mi., Sunrise 7:04 am, Sunset 6:41 pm. Partly cloudy becoming cloudy with an 80% chance of rain. High 34. Windy! SW winds 20 -30 mph.

    Same tonight with a 100% chance of rain with wind gust up to 40 mph possible. Low 34.


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    One of our local TV stations did a poll on DST and their results showed that the majority of people want to just stay on standard time.  I, personally, hate daylight savings time.  It stay light too long in the summer and would stay too dark in the morning in winter.  I grew up on standard time and to me, that’s normal.  But you’re right Pat, I hate the switching most of all.  Some of my clocks aren’t that easy to change.

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