Saturday, Jan. 11-South West Michigan-So Far The Storm Hasn't Hit In This Area. It Will.

started by AmazedHuman, January 11, 2020
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      So far, here in my little backyard we’re only getting rain this morning. I do notice the temperature is dropping so I suspect that won’t be the case for long. The bad thing about this is everyone is going to be at work because there was no apparent reason not to go in this morning. even knowing what’s coming. The roads aren’t bad for now. And, they will have one miserable time getting back home, I’m betting.  Snow is one thing, pretty much anyone with a working brain who lives in Michigan knows how to get through that…and trust me, even then there are the usual suspects of dimwits who seem unable to make allowances for weather road conditions. But hey…what can you say? There’s among us, like it or not.

      Anyway, I do believe that if I owned a company I’d be, hopefully, wise enough to tell my employees to stay home this weekend due to the weather. Or at least send them home before that freezing rain begins to blanket the area.  So, if the weather continues along the path it’s expected to wander down, there will likely be a lot of unhappy people later today. I hope they can stay safe and get back home in one piece.

      Looks like this particular weather system is playing havoc all up and down the nation. Even a couple of deaths reported in Louisiana from that end of the storm. Not good. The sooner this one is gone, the better.

      Currently 31 with an average wind from the NNE wind of 19 mph. Feels like 19 degrees. Dew Point 29, Barometer 29.91, Humidity 93%, Visibility 1.5 mi., Sunrise 8:12 am, Sunset 5:27 pm.

      Gusty winds and freezing rain this morning then a mix of wintry precipitation in the afternoon. Temperatures holding steady in the mid 30s. NE winds 20 – 30 mph. 100% chance of precipitation.

      Windy with a wintry mix of snow and sleet in the evening becoming all snow overnight. 2-5″ expected. Low 14. N winds 20 – 30 mph with higher gusts.


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