rising temperatures is a huge hoax!

started by katrina, February 23, 2019
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      you have probably heard in the news that NASA and NOAA that they are saying for the past 5 years, we have set records for the hottest years on record. but wait, lets take a look at the data first to see what we find:

      the warmest day on record in the world happened in Libya as the thermometer reached 136 degrees in 1922. in the US, the hottest temperature recorded was 134 degrees in Death Valley, CA in 1913. however, these temperatures occurred 106 and 97 years ago, way before fossil fuel and CO2 emissions went on a rise. now if we look at the coldest temperatures we see a different story. the world’s coldest temperature was -129 degrees in Antarctica in 1983, 61 years after the world’s hottest temperature. the coldest temperature in the lower 48 states was -70 degrees in Roger Pass, Montana in 1954, 41 years after the hottest temperature n the US. in the 1980’s fossil fuel and CO2 were 5 times higher than they were in the 10’s and 20’s. during this time, scientist were worried about an approaching ice age, so when did the shift from ice age to global warming happen?

      this is the point: their is no correlation between CO2 and temperature changes. according to data temperatures have actually fallen since the 1930’s. it was in 1936 when the US experienced the hottest heat wave ever recorded, with 15% of days over 90F. 45 states were effected by it. this was followed by a second major heat wave in the 1950’s with 13% of days above 90 degrees. what is it now? only around 10%, significantly down from the 30’s and 50’s. temperatures did rise between 1977 and 1998, but only about 0.7F. after that, temperatures have barley risen.

      bottom line: CO2 isn’t causing the planet to rise. in fact, temperatures are falling. and recent records being set for the hottest years on record, are all fake.


      Temperatures are rising and you have no proof to support your statement, nor are you a scientist any more than me 

       let’s take Boston as an example:

      snowfall: -22.5 inches

      temps: 4 degrees above normal ( I don’t remember the graphic exactly so anyone knows the right temp difference please let me know)

      Or how about Seattle

      snowfall: snowiest February on record

      temps: top 10 coldest February’s on record

      how about the upper Midwest

      snowfall top 10 snowiest February’s on record for most

      temps average to slightly above average for most

      The point is that even in cities that have been affected by the Polar Vortex still had above average temperatures for meteorological winter

      P.S. I don’t remember the graphics exactly so anyone knows the right numbers please let me know

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        you just disproved your statement,

        you said that global warming/ climate change is real, so how is it that we are getting MORE snow?

        Boston: I can accept that

        Seattle: temperatures are currently below normal, you said it yourself, that temperatures caused the top 10 coldest February on record. so if we are pumping in more CO2, why are temperatures falling?

        Midwest: same thing. also, temperatures are only slightly above average. I do not see correlation between slightly higher and record high temperatures.

    • We are getting more snow, because climate change causes temperature and precipitation extremes. For example it can cause extreme cold like the Polar Vortex earlier this winter, or it can cause extreme heat like in Japan last year, another example is the extreme rainfall in the southeast, or it can cause extreme drought like in California.

    • I apologize for any poor grammar in my replies

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