RIP Kelly and Randy

started by Multiverse172, March 29, 2017
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      RIP the Storm Ranglers. They have died today while chasing tornado when a idiot drove drove a stop sighn and hit them.

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      While I agree that what happened today was a tragedy, investigation and video evidence show that Randy and Kelly ran the stop sign, hitting the victim in the jeep.

      RIP All involved. Sending prayers.

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        Hi! Sorry I might have gotten it mixed up! Thanks, we shall all together send prayers.

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      I was shocked and greatIy saddened to hear of the deaths of

      KeIIy and Randy. I Ioved the soft ‘Country Boy’ voice of KeIIy

      as he described the conditions and situations that foIks needed

      to know about.

      ApparentIy, when dedicated ‘chasers’ are running on adrenaIin,

      mistakes can be made. My prayers and sincere condoIences

      go out to aII invoIved and the Weather ChanneI FamiIy, as weII.

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      So sorry to learn that both Randy and Kelley – the ‘Storm Wranglers’ – were killed. They were out doing something they loved, it’s a small consolation for the families, I know. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families and to the other young storm chaser that died as well.

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      They were probably one of my favorite storm chasers. Always said when we saw his footage, hey look! its the farmer Kelly. We will miss him.

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        Yes we will truly miss them.

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      Such a tragedy for the weather community and the ultimate in chaser-convergence.  ( not making light of the accident ) They were first-rate chasers and videographers.  I much enjoyed their recent video of lightning near Emporia, KS.  I doubt they will be replaced as they were 100% dedicated to the craft.  Unfortunately, such dedication may have been their demise.  Perhaps they pushed themselves over the limit during this recent spate of severe weather. And perhaps they were unfamiliar with the territory. It’s easier to run a stop sign than it is a traffic light.  I expect WUTV to honor them with a collection of their work.  My condolences to their families and especially to the family of the lone chaser.

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      Goodbye, Kelley & Randy

      You will be missed in the Weather Community

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      This is truly heart breaking. My condolences to their families, The Weather Channel and weather community as a whole. I enjoyed watching their show as well as their live reports. They will surely be missed. RIP Kelly and Randy <3

    • So very sorry and saddened by the news of Kelley and Randy’s deaths. Weather Underground should do a tribute to them, and if they do NOT, I will be disgusted with The Weather Channel.  I have been watching since 6pm and NO mention of them.  I so enjoyed Kelley describing what was happening when they were Chasing storms!

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