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started by Chase_Green, October 31, 2017
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      I am currently writing a research paper on whether meteorologists over dramatize large scale weather events in order to gain views/ratings. My thesis states that they do, but only to bring attention to life threatening events. I was hoping that a meteorologist(doesn’t have to work for TWC) could comment on this and give their views on this topic. I personally do not see anything wrong with this, mainly because I would rather be over prepared than caught dead, so please do not see this as “exposing TWC for click bait!” but as research for this paper.


      Chase Green

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      Dear Chase Green,

      Though I am not a meteorologist, I do research and I plan to be an on camera meteorologist. I personally don’t think they would exaggerate (to my known extent, anyway) but they do try to get the word out.   Do you remember the Joplin tornado?? It was an EF-5 and killed 158 people; deadliest tornado since 1938 (forgive me if I’m wrong about the date) and the meteorologists at TWC worked overtime to get the word out. Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t think they exaggerate; but I may be wrong.


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