Possible Severe Weather Heading Our Way – Mid Michigan

started by CathieU, July 10, 2019
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    The weather service is warning that we could see severe storms later today and tonight, but this morning is clear and very pleasant.  We have a grey haze to our sky caused from the wildfires in Canada.  After a couple of cooler, dryer days, we will be back in the heat again with more humidity.  That is expected to result in some heavy, if not severe, thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight.  I hope that they don’t cause too much damage but it is what it is.

    Our 9:15 AM temperature is 75°F (24°C), the humidity is 62%, and winds are from the south at 7 mph.  The pressure is 29.97 in (1014.9 mb) and falling.  The dew point is 61°F (16°C) and visibility is 10 miles.  Yesterday’s high was 82°F (28°C) and the overnight low was 69°F (21°C).  Sunrise was at 6:07 AM and sunset will be at 9:17 PM.


    Today:  Mostly sunny early with increasing clouds by noon.  Thunderstorms developing after 2 pm.  Winds SSW at 8-11 mph, gusting to 20 mph.  Chance of rain 20%.

    Tonight:  Scattered thunderstorms, otherwise partly cloudy.  Low 68°F.  Winds SSW at 8 mph.  Chance of rain 40%.

    Thursday:  Mostly sunny.  High 81°F.  Winds W at 7-11 mph, gusting to 20 m ph.

    Thursday Night:  Partly cloudy.  Low 59°F.  Winds NNW at 5-9 mph.

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    Cathie, thought I’d let you know. I’m done with Facebook. Deleting it from my computer and IPhone. I commented on someone’s post that illegal aliens are illegal – criminals, hence the word illegal – that they were more than welcome to come into our country the right way and be citizens – and they immediately – without a half a second – informed me I’m guilty of a hate speech and blocked me for 30 days. Facebook is so corrupt and controlled – they confuse truth with hate. So I’m done with it. Got much better things to do with my time than waste it with a warped mess like that.

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    Pat, thanks for letting me know.  Yet, people can say hateful things about Trump and that’s okay.  I’m trying to stay away from politics on FB anymore.  I’m just tired of the ignorance.


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