politics on weather channel?

started by MicheleW, June 7, 2020
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      Wow, I have heard at least 6 trump commercials today on the weather channel. So disappointed.

      I purposely turn to weather channel to get away from politics. And then to hear ads from someone who doesn’t even believe in environmental justice or climate change. Does the weather channel need money that bad to air ads from someone who publicly denies climate change and is dismantling the few protections against environmental abuse we have in place?

      I was so proud of the weather channel for avoiding politics all these years until those ads hit the air today.

      I just heard two more ads while I was writing this. Please weather channel, what happened to your ethics??? You haven’t even aired an ad from the other side today. Remember them, the ones who believe in science?

      You are no longer my trusted cable news network. Sad to see this day,




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      I’m darn happy and proud to see that the Weather Channel is running ads for our president rather than the usual Liberal garbage strewn across the rest of the channels.  And what are you talking about – avoiding politics all these years? Pretty much all I’ve heard has been Liberal drivel regarding our climate, etc.

      Go away Michele.

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      Running ads all day long for a particular candidate without running any ads for the others is a lot different than talking about climate change. It doesn’t matter which party it is, but it’s more a tad more annoying when the ads are run for someone who doesn’t believe in science.

      That was my point… period.

      Don’t worry, I’m gone. I shouldn’t have posted this in the first place, but I was really upset.

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      I concur with you. We do not need to have political ads from either candidate.

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      Sounds like if you are a Trump supporter, you are a racist


    • No one should put their political opinion on a weather forum. Includes you @mytommy

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      MicheleW, That’s how I feel when I see ads for Biden, or those claiming that Trump is ruining our country.  I want to gag.

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      The Weather Channel should air only #STEMrelated and weather-focused topics, issues, etc.; and nothing else. Politics has no place on TWC or any other weather-based channel since it is full of malarkey and/or #covfefe IMO. ¿Comprende? #sticktoweatherTWC 💩

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      I totally agree with you. #sticktoweatherTWC 💯😎

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      @amazedhuman, please let me know when you figure out the true meaning of #covfefe. Enjoy! 💯😎

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      I think TWC should send the graphic of change in wildfires 80’s-present to both Trump and Biden.  That way, maybe Trump can start to realize what an idiot he was to assert that climate change is a “hoax” (doubt it because he is truly an idiot in that respect) and Biden can use it in his campaign ads to continually keep driving the point home.

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      Stop with the stupid political ads. This is a WEATHER channel.  Stick to the weather.

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