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started by MarthaHykel, January 27, 2017
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      I love this tv channell and I was very hurt when I saw the most recent Political TV Commercial that was on this channell. It was directly offensivley towards anyone who did not vote for Trump and this channell must have millions of watchers like that and it was very offensive and should never have been aired on this nice channell. So shame on you, whoever allowed this commercial at We Love Weather TV to be allowed to air and be shown,  This is not the place for that kind of offensive and divinding kind of hate talk,

      Shame on you.

      Sad here in Seattle, Wash

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      Hi Martha–I’m sorry you saw a commercial that you found offensive.  I’m not exactly sure what commercial you’re referring to, but it’s not 100% certain that it came through us.  Cable companies sell local ad space that run on various TV networks, so it’s possible that the commercial came through them.  In any case, we apologize for offending you and certainly appreciate all of our fans, no matter who they voted (or didn’t vote) for in the election.

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        let`s keep politics out of the weather unless it has something to do with weather

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      I have question for the Weather Channel, which I dearly love and watch almost every late night.  However, Could someone look into bringing NEW stories to the program, “Supernatural Weather”.  I loved watching them the first time and even maybe the second, however, they haven’t changed at all which is very disappointing as I looked forward to watching this show…..Does anyone else feel the same?

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      I have a very quick “mute button” finger, so if any sort of offensive to me commercial begins, I only see or hear maybe one word. That’s how I deal with those things since I realize they don’t necessarily come from TWC; it’s the best.

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