Please listen to us and bring back local on the 8's

started by 13snowflakes, April 9, 2018
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      It is very frustrating to not have local weather every 10 minutes.  Yes the scroll is on the bottom (and we want that to stay there, preferably with some tweeks) but it will often jump to national weather and not reset until the local on the 8’s comes on or at all.  The scroll is also very hard to read sometimes depending on what programming or color is in the background or if you are watching on a smaller or old tv that cuts things off. Also not everything is included on the scroll, things like Dewpoint (which is very important), 7 day forecasts and allergy reports, plus you could get rid of the traffic report which is of no use and add these other things.  Also you forget that the local 8’s full screen has a voice with it so if you are visually impaired or are getting dressed, cooking, getting the kids ready, etc. you can still hear it even if you have to take you eyes away.

      I have been watching the weather channel for years and yes I love the “personalities” reporting but I mainly want my local weather. Unless there is a major storm or problem the on air personalities tend to just focus on the gulf states and the northeast.  If you don’t live there you often never hear about your area except in the local weather.  Also you tend to repeat segments so much.  I agree with someone else’s comment that we want more of you on air after 7pm cst and on the weekends, not shows.  Not everyone has internet and smart phones to know/look up their local weather and if we are suppose to get our local weather that way then what is the point of watching it on tv?  I watch you for the local weather and then leave it on to see something that interests me. If I am not seeing my local weather then why tune you in?   Also so far (actually timing things) I am seeing more commercials and not more of people on air.  Please rethink this change.  I know you can’t please everyone but basically I am being forced to go to my other channel for 24/7 weather that can give me what I need.  Not everyone has other options. You are losing viewers by doing this.  You want to keep us informed and safe but yet you are taking this away from us.

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      I envy you have another 24/7 weather channel!

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      The local on the 8s is the best reason to watch the weather channel in the morning. Much more reliable than the timing on the local network tv. I know I can hit the dot but it doesn’t have all the same information.Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I usually only have about 10 minutes in the morning, around 6. Without the 6:08 Local on the 8’s, I can’t really see what the weather will be. Please bring it back, if possible!

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      Thank you for posting. I can’t emphasize enough how important the full-screen local forecast means to the average viewer. It’s OUR weather for OUR area, and it was routine, convenient, and effective. It is beyond stupid to take something like that away or “reimagine” it. It was fine before. In fact, it was better years ago when they were longer and had more information.

      I used to be upset over minor changes like the lack of jazz music, worse weather icons, etc., but none of that compares to taking away a key part of the network that is relevant and important to the viewers. Whoever is in charge of this needs to be fired, seriously.

      I’m calling BS that people were complaining, and if people wanted more air time for meteorologists, they meant they wanted more live coverage on evenings and weekends and less dumb shows, not taking away the Local on the 8s. I am literally rolling my eyes as I’m typing this, because I never thought the day would come I would have to beg to keep the Local on the 8s.

      If this doesn’t change back, I am saying goodbye to TWC. I have endured too many stupid changes over the years, but this is the straw that will break the camel’s back.

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        I agree with a lot of what you said, Kvanbe1, esp. the first post but for some reason no “reply” button appeared.

        I ranted in a similar thread on this topic just a few minutes ago.  You’re right that if you don’t live in the gulf states or northeast, it’s irrelevant to you.  I’m in the Southwest and they hardly cover us at all.

        I don’t have a smartphone or Internet either, as I don’t see what’s wrong with watching TV which has been around much longer.   And it’s more convenient for me.

        You’re right that years ago they had more info, it was more LOCAL, it was easier to read, and it was more reliable in showing when you expected to see it.  And I miss the almanac that they (TWC) used to always have as part of the local forecast.  I liked seeing the high/low for the day, as well as sunset/sunrise times.  The latter is esp. important to me in winter, when the days are so short.

        Now I watch the forecast on 4 different channels to get the info I need.  It’s a pain and frankly a little silly I have to do this, but I need to know what it’s going to be like LOCALLY.  That includes local radar too, zooming in on my area so I can see exactly where the rain (good example) is supposed to fall.

        Often it can rain harder in some areas than others, or the chance is greater in some areas than others.  TWC used to do this, but not for years now.

        They don’t seem to cover the NW at all, unless it’s really pouring rain there.  To see what my friend is coping with, I go to TWC’s site to view and print his forecast, the next time I get on the computer…..






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      Snowflakes you echo my sentiments exactly. They talk about stupid things that have nothing to do with the weather. A lot of times even the little weather box isn’t even there. I like to plan my day according to the weather and recent radar which I can not access reliably now.I absolutely hate that they don’t air the 8’s.The cable company dropped my 24/7 weather channel so that option is gone too.

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      Old thread but “If it ain’t broke, don’t make it be broke!”

      I’ve noticed many stations, social sites & etc begin to lose their appeal trying to be “edgier,” new, and “improved” but per usual, the opposite effect ends up happening. I think TWC was at their best during the 90’s…and while I get “evolution,” it seems to me like it’s moreso aggravation from viewers. I agree that you should’ve just left the LOT8 alone.

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      Tornadicx, I didn’t even know this was an old thread but I don’t come here often.

      I agree that the 90’s was the best time for LOT8’s.  My “local” forecast includes cities more than 25 miles from me!  What the heck?  Not helpful at all.

      So far the “new” LOT8’s in a tiny rectangle on the side just shows the radar and the sunset/sunrise times.  The radar just shows whether there’s any storms coming.  But no forecast per se, like what the high/low is going to be.

      As mentioned, I just quit watching TWC  period.  Someone said there’s not enough coverage on the weekends.

      I agree—They just show endless reruns of reality shows like Highway to Hell.  I don’t like reality TV, even weather themed.  There’s brief weather coverage on weekends but only in the morning.  Otherwise, there’s nothing unless severe weather is going on.






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        Hey that little rectangle on the side is Not Then LOTS’8S On the bottom scroll is

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      I wrote a couple paragraphs but then was told I had to sign up so I think I got lost in the shuffle – I apologize if this is a repeat.

      Add me to the list of those who want to bring back LOCAL on the 8’s every 10 minutes.  It was the core of TWC… the reason most people watch it. This was not something to improve or enhance… it was a necessary component.

      Change for the sake of change is illogical, so please enhance or evolve another aspect of the show, if you feel you must keep changing it up.  I don’t. And I’m in good company.

      I’ve been watching TWC since the late 90s and I don’t like to see it go downhill.  We all want our local weather and LOT8’s to stay.

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      101% agree with the posts here.

      Twice per hour is not enough; 30 minutes is a long wait, especially given the local weather can change significantly.

      I’ve been watching TWC since the mid-2000s, and could stop for good if they don’t listen to us. I prefer the smooth jazz (in fact, almost anything) over the Weather Channel’s “music”. Prior to November 2013, the Local on the 8s had an almanac, traffic, school/commute weather, etc. between the Doppler radar and the “Today” or “Tonight” section; the current version instantly goes to the “Today” or “Tonight” section after the radar.

      To the Weather Channel, you actually have lost viewers; if you don’t want this to continue, please listen. Stop saying you’re taking feedback seriously – if you were, you would have done something. Please actually go back to an old format, as everybody requests.

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      Apparently, The Weather Channel doesn’t care. Have they heard of “majority rules”? I have a weather livestream and website and I wouldn’t even make the changes The Weather Channel made to their system.

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      I got into watching TWC because of the Local on the 8s. Now they cut it by two-thirds.

      BRING. IT. BACK.

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      I will reveal that I created this account just to convince the Weather Channel to undo this change. I’m not waiting one-third of a soccer match for a vital piece of info from the Weather Channel.

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      I farm and current weather information is imperative for me, as well as the extended day forecast. I IMPLORE TWC to please bring back the local on demand like has been. It is so beneficial.

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        This is one of the reasons why I believe TWC should really bring back LOT8s every 8 of the hour. People can’t afford to wait every :18 and :48 to get their forecasts, and not everyone has internet. There are other reasons why I also believe this was a bad decision, but much like you I think TWC should really consider bringing it back.

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      Guys let’s just sue the weather channel

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      TWC would get much better ratings if they did bring back the traditional Local on the 8s. I also wish they would bring back extended national cut-ins to satellite TV viewers when bad weather is ongoing during programming hours instead of just local cable cut-ins.

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        And I want them to bring back the red mode

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      The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

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      Personally I think the best local on the 8s was back approximately around 2009-2013. Here are a few examples of the best lot8s. Also I really miss the county line outlined on the radar.

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      They don’t care what we think. Period. You think that ANYONE from the Weather Channel even reads these posts ?

      Some numbskull in a suit, sitting in an office, with no grasp on public needs, just sits there and makes great decisions like, ‘Okay, let’s get rid of the local radar now, and make the fonts even smaller’. Great job, Bob ! Great job ! Wonderful idea, Bob ! Boy, you look good in that suit too ! Love your tie !

      You want weather coverage that is exactly equal to what the Weather Channel does now ? Simply stick your head out of your window and look up and around. Now you are the Weather Channel.

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      I absolutely HATE that they no longer have weather on the 8’s. The stupid scrolling message on the bottom of the screen is useless. I dont have the time to wait for it to get to my area. That was the only reason I watched the weather channel. Guess I will just have to use my Alexa  instead of the weather channel…..5 of us in this household and NONE of us like that you took that off. You went from a useful channel to not so much for us…..

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      And let’s not forget their wonderful decision to remove the local radar map (from the bottom right hand corner of the tv screen) to make room for………………more screen.

    • Isn’t the Local on the 8’s back on? I still see it. I have Cablevision.

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      This blog hasn’t been updated in months. TWC used to take what we say into consideration, not anymore. The LOT8’s never should’ve been changed in 2013, if anything, expand em to 1:40 to 1:59 again. LISTEN TO US ALREADY!!!

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      Stupid right?

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      @haleybrennan Stop ignoring us and listen to everyone on here. I still haven’t found out why you allowed a troll to bully me when I asked you to delete it, and you almost never respond to feedback on the Local on the 8s. Same to @brandon_uffner.

      It’s obvious that those two don’t care about anyone on here because they almost never respond to anything, especially the Local on the 8s.

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