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started by taylorlarryw, November 3, 2016
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      each weekday night at 8 pm and every sat & sun at noon we move into a period of NO live weather coverage and instead are offerred rerun reality. When will TWC return to live weather in lieu of extended periods of rerun reality shows and wannabe weather chasers with a cell phone

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      I remember a little over a year ago now TWC had announced they were going to be transitioning into extended live broadcasting. However it appears nothing has really changed over the past year other than Sam Champion’s new show and no more Wake Up With Al.

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      Give me more live weather put those shows on another channels

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      I agree.  This is a channel to offer us weather forecasts.  We are not interested in reality TV, political thoughts and opinions, or throwing support toward progressive views on our naturally evolving climate.  All that is needed is the forecast; please!

    • I would really like to see TWC have live programming after 8pm on weekdays and weekends.Back in 2012 and 2013 they had a 10pm and 1am WCL block. On weekends they had a 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, and 1am block. I think it will be a big improvement. For example

      5-9 “AMHQ”, 9-4 “Day Planner or WCL”, 4-6pm “WCL”, 6-8 “WUTV”, 8-10 “Longform”, 10-11 “WCL, 11-1a “Longform”, 1-2a “WCL, 2a-5a “Longform”


      5-9 “AMHQ Weekend”, 9-12 “Weekend Recharge, 12-12:30 “Wx Geeks”, 12:30 – 4 “Longform”, 4-5 “WCL”, 5-7 “Longform”, 7-8 “WCL”, 8-10 “Longform” 10-11 “WCL”, 11-1a “Longform”, 1a-2a “WCL”, 2a-5a “Longform”


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        I really like the possible schedule above. Just add those hour blocks of WCL at 10 and 1, or at least a 10-11 or 10-12 block. Then 4,7,10, and 1 on weekends or add a 12-2pm edition of WCL and then like a 6-8 and 10p-12a WCL weekend nights.. That still leaves plenty of long form time.

    • While I agree that more live coverage on weekends would be good, I don’t support a complete ban of “reality shows.”  Programs like Weather Gone Viral, Weather Caught on Camera, and especially Strangest Weather on Earth were instrumental in fueling my passion for the weather and I can only imagine it has the same effect on lots of young people with the potential to become meteorologists and atmospheric scientists.

      If TWC were to remove these programs, fewer people would watch (on Facebook, Keith Carson and Dr. Forbes have pointed out that the reality programs DO rate better than live programming); thus removing the reality programs could be counterproductive–lower viewership means lower income, which would hinder their ability to broadcast the weather and educate/warn the public.

      I find it conceivable that reality shows actually result in an increase in size of the live-coverage audience: people who don’t watch live coverage that much start watching reality programs . . . become more interested in the weather . . . start following the weather more closely, in which case they will probably watch TWC’s live coverage a lot more often.  I was interested enough to watch live coverage before those reality shows, but my level of interest in watching live coverage has definitely increased and was given a boost by Strangest Weather on Earth, Storm Riders, Real-time Tornado, Weather Gone Viral, and Weather Caught on Camera.

      • I agree with wxnerd_tedd_davis. I am of the opinion that there could be fewer reality TV shows, but that as long as they remain related to weather, I don’t see a problem with retaining them in order to make more people interested in the topic. Now, if The Weather Channel were to go the route of TLC or The History Channel or The Discovery Channel and start airing shows completely unrelated to the weather, then I would say there’s definitely a problem.

        I will say that something that would be nice to see is a return of ’90s/’00s-style educational programming like The Weather Classroom. It could even be made interactive such as that people could share their opinions about the episode’s topic on social media before or while it airs, with their thoughts being featured during the episode. All this is to say that non-live programming on The Weather Channel is nothing new, but I do feel that there could be a more even mix of reality and educational programming when it comes to long form shows.

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        I agree 100%. Yes, I want to see the weather on the Weather Channel, but I also want to see the results of that weather – everywhere and in every way I can. I love the shows like Weather Gone Viral, Weather Caught on Camera,  Strangest Weather on Earth, even the Highway to Hell or whatever it is with the truckers attempting to save each other in the most dreadful winter weather possible. No…nothing political is needed or wanted, when that happens, I’m gone, but anything that has to do with the weather, yes! And I’m crazy about the SOS program with tips on how to survive on our planet. Keep the variety going, just don’t forget that weather is the reason for the channel.

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      I like “Weird Weather” shows, but would love it if there was less “programing” on at nights & weekends. It’s also very frustrating to me when a severe weather warning is issued during these times, and no radar to show me where the action is. Once an hour? Not good enough! At least, put up an inset box of local radar, give me the info I need to be prepared.

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      The reality shows are fine, but they need to be on a separate channel.  I have no problem with them, I just have a problem with them being on a channel where I get my weather and need it.


      The Weather Channel can be like ESPN in this way.  They have certain channels for other things like ESPNU for college sports only or ESPN Classic for those classic sporting events.  The Weather Channel could like have a channel for those reality shows, then the Channel for the weather…Easy fix!

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      I would agree with having more live weather but when I did have tv it was rare to have any coverage anywhere west of the US (I live in Utah), even if there was a severe thunderstorm warning.

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      so, we sign up, ee login and we comment. But NO response ftomTWC, meaning: we really dont care what you think. Maybe now that roker and barack are gone, we cam stop groveling and get bsvk to LIVE weather, maybe even bring back the real meteorologists who made the channel great, we dont need NON meteorologists

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        Hey taylorlarryw–we definitely do care what you think and we enjoyed watching the discussion taking place on this topic.  As you can see in the discussion here, our original programming (aka not live programming) typically receives mixed reactions.  Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  We’ll continue to try to find the right balance to showcase all of the beauty and science of weather in original programming, while still providing the live weather updates that is at the core of our network.

        Also, we’re proud that all of the people you see provide forecasts on our air are all actual meteorologists!

        We appreciate all of the comments on this thread.

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        So, out of curiosity, it’s been about 18 months since this thread has had a response.  Here is what has happened in 18 months.

        1 hour of additional long-form

        10 minutes of live coverage of every hour, and 2 minutes of local on the 8s.


        Looks like this channel will never be the weather channel as we know it. No wonder cable and satellite providers are dropping you all left & right.

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        yes I agree the weather channel is going down hill. You guys really need to step up your game and extend more live coverage because that’s when most viewers are on that channel.

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      Just a thought . . . . .why do we need live weather coverage when there is no real weather happening anywhere?  TWC always has had live coverage during any severe outbreaks as far as I know.  As for the weekend weather programs?  I like them.

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        Actually that’s wrong. They didn’t extend there COVERAGE because of these wildfires and tornados on Sunday. Also they didn’t do coverage on one tornado out break after 12AM.

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        They aren’t even covering the wildfires much in the West.

        And weekends are endless reruns of reality TV like Highway to Hell and Tornado Alley.  Weather doesn’t “stop” or “pause” over the weekend folks!

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