Patriots win

started by katrina, February 4, 2019
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      in an stunning last minute interception, the Patriots were able to keep the Rams to only 3 points. the final score: Patriots 13, Rams 3. the lowest scoring Super Bowl game in history, it lasted for about 4 hours.

      the first quarter started with a Patriots field goal, giving them 3 points. after this, no points were scored until the 3rd quarter, when the Rams made their field goal, tying the game 3-3. in all of this, no touchdowns had been scored, becoming one of the first games where no touchdowns were scored in the first 3 quarters. this streak continued way into the 4th period when at 7 min., the Patriots scored the first touchdown of the game, taking the lead 9-3. after a field goal, the Patriots went farther ahead at 10-3. the Rams didn’t give up, they began running the ball back and at 2:50 in the forth quarter, they were about 15 yards outside the end zone. the first ball they through was caught, but dropped in the end zone making it first down. they through it again into the end zone but this time, it was intercepted. the time was now 2:38. any hope of the Rams coming back was fading. the Patriots rushed it back to their side and scored a second field goal making the score 13-3 Patriots. in the final seconds, the Rams took it back to their side and attempted a field goal, but it missed, ending the game.

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      Its called a PAT and this is not about weather……



      GO PACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good point @Noahc6. Too bad the Rams didn’t beat the Patriots like most Americans wanted

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