started by Jahis1, January 13, 2019
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    Why does The Weather Channel promote the religion of Evolution ? The Earth is nothing but a “string of lucky breaks” ! My religion is different. Why don’t they put anything about Creation on the air. Are they athiests ?

  • Suck it up, princess. Nobody wants to indulge in your unscientific fairytales.

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    I agree. why can’t the Weather Channel be neutral? that way no one can get mad

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    Science is at the core of TWC. Meteorology is a science. Meteorologists are scientists. Your forecast is all calculated down to a science. Don’t you think TWC airing things about creation would be a contradiction? Now, that doesn’t mean I’m saying people at TWC are opposed to creation, they’re people like you and me. To say that they’re atheist though, that is certainly not true. Just because they are scientists and agree with evolution doesn’t make them automatically atheist. They’re entitled to their own beliefs and values, however that’s something they most likely have to keep to themselves. Religion is just a touchy subject.


    P.S.: Evolution is a theory, not a religion.

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