One of my favorite segments from The Weather Channel

started by AmazedHuman, July 20, 2019
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      Jen Carfagno in Houston reporting on the celebration of the 50 years since Apollo 11 has been terrific. Great presentation of wonderful information. The inside accompaniment to the reminiscence of the folk involved in that historic time has been absolutely fascinating. Great job by Carfagno – and the Weather Channel – for bringing us these videos and memories.

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      Amen to that sister!  The @dewpointdiva covered the #Apollo50th anniversary impeccably last Saturday.  Her composure relaxed us like we were on the moon if not in heaven.  Way to go, Jen!  #spacediva 😀

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      Can’t believe it’s been 50 years!!  Makes me feel so old, esp. when they say “half a century”, LOL.  True, but do they have to put it that way, LOL?  ☺

      I remember watching that on a TV as a kid.  Thought it was the coolest thing.


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