No almanac for a week: A "vent" thread

started by KittyKat, January 19, 2019
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      This is the only “safe” place to vent about this.

      I don’t get why none of the 5 different local channels I watched this week had the almanac (high/low temp, plus sunrise/sunset times) for the whole week we had severe weather!!! I still wanted to know how cold was it?? Was it as cold as I thought it was while waiting for the bus, which was late???

      When was sunrise/sunset? I tried to find the info online but got different temps from each site. At least with the networks, everybody’s consistent or agrees on the high temp for that day.

      Now it’s back to normal since the storms are over.  I’m obsessed with that almanac.  Of course TWC got rid of that helpful info in the LOT8’s over 10 years ago…..  🙁

      Yeah, I know we were having thunderstorms and floods.  But I still wanted to know how cold it was for the day and the overnight low.  Geez…..


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