newly formed tropical storm michael help need answer to question please

started by louisianahome, October 7, 2018
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      is this future hurricane Michael going to come to Louisiana if not why If any hurricane experts at the weather channel or otherwise can answer it would be a great relief Thanks effected by Katrina

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      I’m sure not an expert by any means, but if Michael holds its current path, it doesn’t look as if Louisiana is going to be involved in the brunt of this storm.  Certainly looks like no Katina in store from this one for you all. Appears to be way to the East of a danger zone for Louisiana. But then we’ve all seen how a hurricane can become rogue and wander a bit. For now, from here, you look more or less safe this time. I’m sure that living in a state in the Gulf Coast area, you’ve got eyes on the weather channel news.

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        Thank you for your reply that makes me feel a lot better

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      Hurricane Katrina hit directly on New Orleans as a category 3 hurricane. the NHC has Michael hitting the Florida Panhandle as a Tropical Storm. Louisiana will probably not get hit.

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      Hi all, at this time it looks as if Louisiana is not in play for major impacts from Michael. Forecast trends suggest a track farther east, towards the FL panhandle. The strongest impacts are usually along the right side of the storm center, but impacts can still be seen outside of that!  Always good to monitor any changes to the forecast, but Louisiana does not look to be significantly impacted.

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        Thank you Dr, Navarro I keep watching you and all the experts at the greatest source for weather The weather channel yea!!!

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      With Hurricane Michael headed towards Florida’s panhandle, it will most likely devastate St. Vincent Island, a Florida wild life management area. I am concerned about the wild life, specifically a population of “Sambar Deer” on the island who have no place to run no place to hide. Does anyone have an update from FWC on their fate?

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