New Weather Channel Design

started by weatherlover426, August 21, 2019
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    • Love the new design! The only change I would like to see is if the weather information on the bottom is made a little bigger. It’s hard to see especially from across the room. Also it would be nice if the local on the 8’s are played more frequently instead of just 2 times an hour, and that they last more than a quick minute. 

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      Overall this new change on the weather channel is not as bad as the last few. I like the font and the appearance is nice but the scroll bar on the bottom with the local weather needs to be bigger/taller as it is really too small and hard to read unless you are right in front of the tv. Please make it bigger or I will have to charge you for wrinkle removal that i will get trying to read the tiny scroll.
      Also please add the dewpoints to the scroll at the bottom. Dewpoints are very important for those of us who work outdoors everyday, have animals and livestock to consider and for people with health issues. For years we have asked for dewpoints on the scroll and everytime a change is made they are never added.
      I am happy with the traffic reports gone and no big sidebar along the enitre screen.
      I do miss the radar because every half hour isn’t enough. A storm can pop up and be gone in that time. A suggestion is to either put the local on the 8’s back on more frequently or add the radar in a small box in the bottom right hand corner at the end of the scroll because the info on the scroll doesn’t go across the entire screen anyway so you aren’t using that area and it could have the radar everyone wants.
      I hope the weather channel considers our opinions and makes a few adjustments to the new look.

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      They don’t care what we think. Period. You think that ANYONE from the Weather Channel even reads these posts ?

      Some numbskull in a suit, sitting in an office, with no grasp on public needs, just sits there and makes great decisions like, ‘Okay, let’s get rid of the local radar now, and make the fonts even smaller’. Great job, Bob ! Great job ! Wonderful idea, Bob ! Boy, you look good in that suit too ! Love your tie !

      You want weather coverage that is exactly equal to what the Weather Channel does now ? Simply stick your head out of your window and look up and around. Now you are the Weather Channel.

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