National Weather at the Bottom of the Screen

started by AWNHD, August 28, 2018
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    I have Directv and I am not seeing local weather at the bottom of the screen during the long form programming. I have not seen it since 2013 when weather all the time came to be? The only time I see it is during the weather reporting during the day. Why is that? Also, why is the local on the 8’s logo constantly showing where The Weather Channel logo should be?

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    I think everyone who has DirecTV cannot see the local weather; my uncle has CenturyLink and cannot get the local forecast either.

    TWC really messed up the LOT8s not only by reducing it to twice an hour, but putting the LOT8s logo in lieu of the Weather Channel logo when it’s not an “8” mark. I guess they put a LOT8s logo to replace the four lost LOT8s forecasts.

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