Natinoal day of mourning

started by katrina, November 13, 2018
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    I declare a National Day of Mourning for 11/13/18 and 11/14/18.

    it has seemed that we have received 3 snowfalls already this season and we aren’t even half way through November. the first one was in the middle of October but it didn’t accumulate. however the temperature has suddenly dropped to the 30’s before winter has started, even before Veteran’s Day and we had are first accumulating snowfall. this is a national tragedy. we should not be having snow this early in fall, even before the leaves are raked. to add on to that, we had a second accumulating snow a few days later. this should never happen. no snow should fall until Winter begins. the temperature has rarely gone above 40 making it freezing. winter has come to early and this is a problem so I ask for everyone to mourn for the Midwest.

    Today and Tomorrow, we are all Midwesterners!


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    My husband is complaining because he wanted to mow the lawn one more time before winter, and we’re having winter now.  I can’t ever remember having this much snow in November.


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      Myself as well. Wanted to get all the gas out of the tank so it wouldn’t make condensation.

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    grass height of several inches is good for lawn in winter

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      how so?

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      tends to insulate roots from the cold

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    We like to mulch our leaves before the first snow and haven’t been able to do that this year.  I know they say that leaves should be left in place in the fall because it feeds the trees through the winter.  That’s why we mulch instead of rake.


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