Naming Winter Storms

started by Weathergeek666, April 9, 2019
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    • Do you like the fact that The Weather Channel names winter storms. I personally don’t mind. Please tell me below what you think.

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      I don’t.  I really don’t pay much attention to the names.  Hurricanes are different because they are quite distinctive, but these winter storms just seem to all run together.  That’s my feelings anyway.


    • I completely understand how you feel about it, but like I said before I don’t really mind

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      many winter storms are forgettable but get named  I remember Harper because it was recent and affected my town  5″ snow then rain.  what a joke this past winter

    • I completely agree with you Manowx, but the same thing happens to tropical cyclones, for example remember TS Julia in 2016.


    • I personally like the winter storms being named. When I post on FB about the storms it is easier to recall the details of the weather.

      A local meteorologist kind of rolls his eyes when someone will make a comment and mentions a name. LOL!!

    • Thanks for the reply @Blizzardof1966 I have to admit I kind of like it as well

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