My name is Larry D. Yockey/ Own Yaquis Computer Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

started by rackape, May 6, 2018
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      I have always loved weather, yes it can be dangerous,deadly,scary and much more. I would love to have my own weather station,plus all the equipment such as radar ,camera’s. I would love also to be able to chase storms. The problem being I cannot afford it.

    • Hi Larry! I’m from Wyoming, too, and I totally agree with you. I’m going into meteorology as a career, since I start college this year, and I’m SO excited to get my hands on some equipment. I would also really enjoy going storm-chasing, but like you, I can’t afford it. Maybe someday!!

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      Hi,Sakura here.I may be young but I absolutely LOVE the weather and anything that has to do with it.Im from New York so we dont get insane or story worthy weather often,but that never stopped me from loving weather .Truth be told I was always most interested in tornadoes in thunder storms.Tornadoes because its a dream of mine to see one in person and thunder storms cause I love the thunder and watching the lightning!

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