My best chase thus far – 3/29 – Falcon, Colorado event summary

started by TheStormWhisperer, April 9, 2019
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    • Hey all!

      Sorry I haven’t been very active in a while, I just uploaded a few photos and wanted to share an event summary of a tornadic supercell on March 29th, it was a perfect!

      The Storm Prediction Center had a marginal risk of severe thunderstorms over a portion of Southeastern Colorado. Around 3PM Mountain Daylight Time a cell began to form on the North side of Colorado Springs

      At this point I was on my way to pick up a friend who lived just outside of town to watch the storm with, as we progressed East we eventually decided to retreat from pouring small hail, as we made our way back West towards town a large funnel appeared to our right, we pull over near where it had formed and another was developing, and little did I realize at the time, the one behind it began to lower again

      We decide to follow the funnel, and it touches the ground South of the highway as we drive towards it, which, luckily, I captured with my dash camera, and I stopped to film the tornado

      I came back with most of my gas tank, and some amazing photos and video! My video was licensed through Live Storms Media, and used by KOAA 5 Colorado Springs, 9New Denver, The Denver Channel, and Good Morning America; the only confirmed tornado in the country that day too!

      Hope you all have awesome spring weather, cheers!

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      Wow, great pictures.  Thanks for sharing.


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