Mother Earth Fights Back

started by alex13hammer, August 30, 2019
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      Glaciers melting, the Amazon rainforest burning; salmons unable to spawn due to increased temps in rivers, record breaking rain and flooding, volcanoes erupting, record high temperatures and draught striken areas, oil spills and plasticd strangling marine life, species losing habitats… Now it’s hurricane season.  There is no Climate change or global warming.  Nah.

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      They can call it what ever they like Climate Change or Global Warming, it’s happening. And yes, I realize that our planet goes through different climate changes over the many, many decades and centuries – and that’s normal. The problem now is that what’s going on is not normal. Too hot, too cold, too many strong hurricanes, too much flooding, too dry, too many wildfires…things are escalating at too rapid a rate to be considered normal in any way. Something is going on, no matter what it’s labeled. The thing is, to pay attention and try to figure out what – if anything – can be done about it all.

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      If you look at what’s happening, it has all happened before.  The problem is that we have so many more people now on this earth that extreme weather affects far more than it used. to.  Another problem is that the weather is politicized so much and much of what you hear is hyperbole.  Maybe too much news is not a good thing.


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