Monday, June 17-South West Michigan-Lucky To Be Dodging Storms

started by AmazedHuman, June 17, 2019
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    Heard this morning there were something like 450 storms reported yesterday. That’s crazy. They were all to the south of us through states like Indiana and Ohio. Storms, severe storms, tornadoes…it just doesn’t seem to want to quit. We really are lucky in that we have had nothing like that in SW Michigan. They’re still facing more possibilities today and we remain only dealing with cool temperatures and chilly rains. We might not like that, but I know we’d like those storms even less.

    The Cottonwood trees are generously sharing seeds with everyone right now. It’s looking like snow alongside driveways and streets. The air continues to look like batches of snowflakes floating by the windows. Won’t last long and soon there will be yet another round of some other tree throwing out hope for future life. Those with allergies aren’t all that thrilled with it all, but most simply put up with it as an annual assault on the senses by Mother Nature, doing her thing.

    Currently 57 with an average wind from the ENE wind of 8 mph. Feels like 55 degrees. Dew Point 52, Humidity 82%, Barometer 30.01 & rising, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 6:03am, Sunset 9:24pm. Cloudy today with a high of 72. E winds 5-10 mph.

    Cloudy overnight, low 58. Light and variable winds.

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