Monday, Feb. 11-South West Michigan-Expecting Yet Another Winter Storm

started by AmazedHuman, February 11, 2019
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    Bracing for yet another storm to blow in and make life more miserable that usual. It’s been non-stop. We are paying dearly for the mild November/December. As it stands most would agree it would be a much better plan to even it out and have an equal share of misery every unfortunate month from November right on through than to have it all lumped together in January/February. Not that we have much choice or say in the matter, but if we did…things  would not be as tough as they’ve been lately. At any rate, Winter Storm Maya seems to be barreling toward us, paying a visit starting this evening right on through Wednesday morning. Swell.

    Got an inch of snow overnight. Should be 3-5 tonight and another couple of inches tomorrow. I wish I could say that was the end of it, but not very likely.

    Currently 22 with an average wind from the ENE of 11 mph making it feel like 11 degrees. Dew Point 19, Humidity 85%, Barometer 30.27 & rising, Visibility 9 mi, Sunrise 7:45 am, Sunset 6:07 pm. Cloudy today, high 31. E winds 10-20 mph.

    Tonight – Winter Weather Advisory in place until Wednesday. Windy. Sleet/freezing rain/100% chance of snow. 3-5″ of snow expected. Low 26. E winds 20 – 30 mph.



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