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started by McNeizzlle, September 22, 2019
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      Can anyone think of a meteorologist who does a better job at teaching about atmospheric phenomenon (or as often) than Stephanie Abrams?

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      Well…my vote would be for Greg Postel. Have learned a lot from all of them but he seems to be my favorite.

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      I think they are all great teachers –  articulate, engaging, clear.  Yes – Postel is excellent, but whenever I try to think of a favorite, Mike Bettes pops up – as does Siedel. Tevin Wooten is a wonderful addition – really – too many to name.  Felicia Combs has an excellent, appropriate delivery.  I especially love Stephanie Abrams’s sense of humor.  Often, I laugh out loud!  What a smart ‘a’ she is…my favorite kind of person.  And I’d love to have a drink with Alex Wilson.  I try to never miss the Friday Quiz on Weather Underground – even if I have to record it!!  Despite the sound of this, I actually DO have a life!!!

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        I agree, Mike Bettes is fabulous. Not only teaches us a lot but if you’ve ever watched him out on a local with treacherous weather, he has shown to have a heart as big as the sky. I’m always listing him as one of my very favorites on The Weather Channel. I don’t think you can get much better than Mike Bettes.

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      Everyone at TWC is great 🙂 I personally think Stephanie does such a great job at teaching how our atmosphere works. Their specialists are always very passionate about the topics at hand as well and they deserve nothing but respect for that.

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      How could I forget to mention Cantore and Knabb?  Love the way Knabb practically jumps out of his skin with excitement.   And Elliott and Goodloe (great sense of humor and good taste in music, too!)  And Chris Warren!  I’ll stop…

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>I love your knowledge and tv approach not to mention your beautiful looks!</p>

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      How about an all #girlpower special from The Weather Channel?!  Yes, I mention the team of @stephanieabrams, @kcass, @dewpointdiva, and @alexwilson under head coach @liana-brackett (aka the Weather Busters).  @haleybrennan is the team’s adviser.  #twcmentors ✨☄☀️☁️⚡️💦❄️💨☔️🌪

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