Mesocyclone and DonaldTrump

started by DeleteMesocyclone, February 28, 2020
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    • @haleybrennan and @brandon_uffner you better delete the @mesocyclone and @donaldtrump accounts that @foofighter is complaining about. Or I will create two fake accounts impersonating them

    • Verified Member

      Neither of those accounts have been active on this website for over 4 months now. We will be implementing a double opt-in sign up in the coming weeks so that fake accounts, such as the ones you’re threatening to create, will no longer be possible to make. Please be patient with us as we roll out this new feature and don’t add to the problem of fake accounts on this site.

    • Verified Member

      If you would like to discuss this further, email Our forum is for discussing weather and our email is for tackling problems like this. Once you email us I will reply with the next steps we plan to take.

    • @foofighter It looks like @haleybrennan and the weloveweather moderators don’t care. I suggest you to give it up. If you don’t like those accounts just don’t go on the local on the 8s thread as that’s where @donaldtrump posted, along with the community rules thread where @mesocyclone is

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