mark elliot's new baby

started by ChristianBuerkle.GFW, March 8, 2018
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    • Hey Mark, My name is Christian Buerkle I am the student meteorologist for my High School. And I heard that you have a new baby to your family. And I just want to say CONGRATS!


    • Expert Member

      Thanks Christian!  It was funny when Kelli brought that up last night on air!  Thanks for reaching out and thanks for watching!

      • Member

        Congrats to Mark on his new bundle of joy!  We must, however, also congratulate Dr. @twcerikanavarro on her engagement to Duran Patrick, her (now) fiancé!  Babies and engagements, oh my!  #cordialsatTWC 🙂

    • So Mark, what is your new baby’s name? ChristianBuerkle.GFW

      • Member

        Christian, I hope that both @markelliot and his wife do NOT use “Covfefe” as the first or middle name of their new baby.  That would put TWC in a frenzy.  #babycovfefe 😀

      • Expert Member

        His name is Micah. 🙂  #covfefe is too hard to say. 😉

      • Member

        @markelliot, can you try to figure out the meaning of “covfefe”?  Enjoy!  #blameitontrump 😀

      • Well Mark Congrats and take good care of your wife and baby Micah. 🙂 ChristianBuerkle.GFW

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