started by flyingmz, February 11, 2019
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      Geez, I just want to see my local weather.  It is supposed to snow 8-12 today.  Or is it?  I certainly can’t find out from the Weather Channel.    I loved Local on the 8’s.  You may show local on the side or bottom bar, but IF you do, it goes so fast that I can’t digest it.

      I like the maps too. I don’t much care about seeing the meteorologists.  I took it in college, I don’t need the lessons.

      I want to know if I can drive today or if I have to get someone to shovel today.

      I guess I am done with TWC!   Shoot!

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      This has definitely been a topic of discussion for a long time. The change was terrible, and a year later, it’s still stupid. I just watch for the :18 and :48 and turn it off after.

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      They should just bring it back already it’s so much better seeing the local on the 8s 10 mins and some people don’t even have the side bar so how is that a local on the 8s. This sucks really bad

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      The Weather Channel never listens to us. We want it back to every 10 minutes, and they don’t care. Like kvanbe1, I watch at the :18 and :48 only.

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      A lot of people do that probably too I as well do that sometimes and it takes so long to just see them

    • Guys some of us don’t have degrees in meteorology and actually like the extra screen time

      • Dear weather lovers,

        I just wanted to let everyone know that I completely hear what you’re saying about the local on the 8s. I loved them at the old times being a high school student, so I can see both sides, but I just wanted show and represent both sides. I just think because our country is having tough times as a society we should be able to find peace and talk about weather on a website called weloveweather.tv not fight and complain about what The Weather Channel should and shouldn’t do. Anyone who has a comment about this please reply below. I’m just putting this message on any article where I may have offended someone.


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