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started by Annieluv1, January 22, 2019
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      Someone said there are two times an hour when the full screen local on the eights is shown.  Are these set time and, if so, what are they?  We miss the full screen “on the eights”



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      Yes, we see the full-screen LOT8s at every :18 and :48 of the hour when weather programming is on TWC. It is not enough. Until April 2018, it would be every “8s” of the hour, :08, :18, etc. This was a terrible change that we viewers wish would be undone.

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        Thank you for that information.  I couldn’t agree more.  We miss it also.  And how much time did it actually take…perhaps a minute and a half?

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        it takes about 1 minute to do.

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      I miss seeing the 8’s too. When I tune in to TWC I want to see weather. Like the weather now. Rest of the day and tomorrow. Not only locally but the whole nation. Either I have friends across the country or I may be traveling so I want to see the weather nationwide. What’s in California now is usually coming my way in a couple of days. I don’t want to see weather science, how to survive a rip current or the dangers of golfing in a lightening storm. I also don’t need to see how to start a fire with my hair! Just the weather 24/7. Lots of maps. Please include satellite images too. Again, for the whole country and not just a random shot of a small area. No pictures of clouds or someone standing in some city showing a little snow on the ground or the wet streets. I don’t know why TWC has gotten away from these basics.

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        Times are changing and I guess TWC is also changing LOT8s to reflect that, but quite honestly LOT8s is the most useful thing on TWC. For them to shorten it is sad.

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