Local On the 8's Questions

started by AWNHD, October 17, 2018
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      Dear @haleybrennan and @brandon_uffner,

      I have a few questions regarding the local on the 8’s:

      1. Why was the unnecessary change made to the Local on the 8’s?

      2. Are there any plans to actually listen to the fans questions and concerns about the Local on the 8’s?

      3. Is TWC actually going to get a redesign so we actually get a local on the 8’s sometime in the future?


      Thank You!!!

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      I can tell neither of them care, but:

      1. “…we received a lot of feedback about viewers wanting to see more weather analysis from your favorite meteorologists.” I call that BS. Reducing the Local on the 8s takes away something important to replace it with things we don’t care about hundreds of miles away. We want our local forecast back, not some “analysis”.

      2. I sadly doubt it. They say they do listen, when really, they don’t.

      3. I doubt it, although I gave TWC suggestions back in May 2017. 17 months later, nothing useful has been done.

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      Thank you for speaking up, ArsenalFan. I have given up on this network and only watch very sparingly, when I used to watch all the time. They took away what was useful and important to us. As I’ve said before, only playing the full-screen LF at the :18 and :48 isn’t good enough for me. That’s also probably the worst time to show it. At least do the :28 and :58 because other programs end at the end of the hour and people can tune over to see it.

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      To kvanbe1: I think I might quit watching TWC. There are six “8s” minutes hourly, with four of those minutes with a fake Local on the 8s forecast that shows information that is repeatedly played twice or more during that segment. That information is also displayed during the non-“8s” minutes. A Local on the 8s forecast should be full-screen without audio from TWC’s headquarters or some phone call.

      In April, we asked for the local forecast “redesign” to be reverted; instead, TWC made it worse by replacing the Weather Channel’s logo with “Local on the 8s”. Really? It’s a poor move. No news channel would mess up their logo. A TV channel is supposed to show its own logo rather than the channel’s features.

      This is aimed toward @haleybrennan, @brandon_uffner and everyone at TWC.

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      Hi there @AWNHD, @ArsenalFan, and @Kvanbe1! I can assure you there are several people at The Weather Channel who are collecting feedback across multiple platforms about Local on the 8s and all suggestions are truly under consideration. So don’t worry, your voice is being heard and people here are aware of some of the negative feelings towards the format change. I don’t have any updates from the design team on what the future of Local on the 8’s will look like, but please note that these changes take a lot of time to implement and can’t/won’t happen overnight. So thank you all for voicing your recommendations, we hope you continue to watch The Weather Channel as we optimize the viewing experience for everyone!

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        Thank you for responding. It may not take overnight but almost everyone has been complaining since April, when this change was made, about the looks of it. So I hope this change will be reverted sometime soon. Thanks once again.

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        Thank you for taking time to respond, Haley. It helps us to know that we are being heard and that we are not forgotten. I know you aren’t alone in making these decisions, but I would encourage the people in charge to carefully consider what we have been saying. We are the ones speaking out, but I can assure you many others outside of us share our sentiments.

        Sometimes change is good and necessary, but I think it is possible to go too far. The LOT8s are reliable and important to our everyday lives, and I find it easier to push two buttons on a remote to change the channel than to have to go on my computer or phone to get the weather. It’s less effort to sit back in my chair and have the TV show me everything I need to know.

        If I were in charge, I would definitely bring back the full-length 2 minute local forecasts at the :28 and :58 of every hour. It seems like a natural time to have them at these times, as others are often changing the channel as other shows end at these times.

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        Just going to echo everyone else’s sentiments, Thank you very much for responding. I know I don’t speak for myself when I say I certainly appreciate it, and I hope to hear more soon. LOT8s is a very important part of TWC, and I will keep watching as it still somewhat provides the weather information conviently @ :18 & :48 however I just think having it the way it was before certainly wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 Again, thank you for responding.

    • Please you need to bring back the 2 min lot8s on every :28 and :58 (eg: 17:28, 23:58)

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        Apparently, they only care about their dum reality programming than doing their actual jobs. If a TV provider decides to drop them, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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