Local on the 8's —again

started by SandraLeeH, May 18, 2018
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      I get that you are redoing the Local on the 8’s.  I don’t understand why, in this process, you show the wrong areas as being ‘local’.  What has been rolling is a part of south GA that is about 100 miles from where I live.

      Please show Valdosta, GA and surrounding local areas again!!   Thanks

    • I agree. I want to know my city’s weather, not a city 30 miles away! Stevens Point, WI is about 50 miles away from us. I want to know what’s going on in Merrill, WI.I get up at 4am, and have always turned the Weather Channel to see my local weather. I am very disgusted with the new format.


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        Can you tell us your ZIP code and what provider you have?  We’ll look into this.

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      This is why I stopped watching too.  Gosh, I’ve vented about this in other threads, LOL.

      TWC’s definition of “local” is cities 20 or 25 miles away!  And surely they know what “microclimates” are.  My local stations like CBS or ABC give a better local forecast.  Even the cable company has one on their community channel, along with traffic.  I thought it was just me, getting cities far from me and esp. the airport!

      I don’t live anywhere near it, and I never even get to go anywhere.  Airport conditions I couldn’t care less about.

      What I see on the “reimagined” LOT8’s format is just the sunrise/sunset times (useful, as I do like that) and the radar.  The latter just shows whether any storms are coming.  No predicted high/low, humidity, etc.  In other words, nothing informative.



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      I’m just bumping this to bring this back to the  top. Moderators, please erase all the hieroglyphic spam.

      whike you’re at it, bring back local on the 8s, kthxbye

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        Kvanbel–we’re sorry you guys were subjected to the spam.  We’re in the process of putting a fix in place, but in the meantime, we’ve cleaned up the site.

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        I did notice the hieroglyphic spam was removed, but I must admit at first I thought it was just another language. 🙁

        It kind of looked like Mandarin or Korean or something, but I didn’t look closely at the time.  When I did later, it had repeating patterns, something I think a real language wouldn’t do. (?) But I don’t know since I don’t know other languages well (just a little written Spanish).

        I guess that “I’m not a robot” feature is supposed to help prevent that, but right now I don’t see it below.  It seems to come and go for me.

    • Local on the 8’s is alright, but the bugs need to be fixed. Definitely. Visalia is different than Tulare, I’m pretty sure. If I’m wrong, correct me.

      I dare you.

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