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started by AnnaKendrick47, August 29, 2020
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    • The previous threads (the one with almost 400 replies) and the one that @luesjo12 started last year have both become a mess. The first thread had the old andymoserweather account trolling, and the second has arsenalfan and mesocyclone fighting over a cereal box profile photo

      I have the same intention as luesjo12, I want to start a thread without drama

      I want the local on the 8s to go back to what it was before 2018, in fact I want what was on the local on the 8s before 2013: traffic, regional radar, almanac, etc. Does anyone want to share their thoughts about the local on the 8s?

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      Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful? To have the Local on the 8s actually on for the benefit of viewers? And not for someone in some office who thought what they have to offer now would be some sort of a misguided improvement? Used to watch all the time for all of that useful information. Which isn’t there now.

    • Haven’t watched TWC in nearly 5 years due to the piss poor weather information. Turned it back on during Laura and still see the overhype for major storms but they go back to the useless television shows during non major storm times.

      I used to have TWC on in the background at home at at work all through the late 80’s, 90’s and beginning of the 2000’s. They abandoned their core reason for existing.

      I checked out their LocalLive thing, and it’s just rehashed MSM news with :20 of weather info.

      Waiting for them to just die and go away.

    • I agree with you both, TWC viewership has declined ever since the changes were implemented. I don’t really plan on watching TWC if the local on the 8s doesn’t go back to what it was before.

      And here in LA we really need the traffic info, SoCal is known for its traffic congestion

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