Live Weather Video Webpage Gone

started by GlazedHam, May 8, 2019
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    For several years I would come in to work and stream the weather channel on one of my spare computer screens in my office to stay up to date. Always had cowrkers stop by to see the weather as well. I was shocked yesterday to find the old url no longer works and it forwarded to a new url of which just says “under construction”. Why would you take down a perfectly working webpage to forward to a coming soon hopefully webpage that is not working? And especially on a day with Tornado outbreaks.

    The main reason why I still pay over $200 per month for a cable bill is because I want to watch the Weather Channel at home and at work. Well if I cant watch it at work anymore then I guess I can finally cancel my cable TV service and finally go with a streaming service and rely on our local providers and save a lot of money. = Rest in peace. We miss you.


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    Hi there! Our teams are currently working to upgrade the live stream page and had to take down the old one in the meantime. Hopefully it will be up and running soon- check the page for updates!

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    I check multiple times a day, still no Weather Channel.


    Oh well, I guess it’s weather nation and the NWS pages from now on, a pity.  I used to really enjoy watching Dr. Forbes, guess I’ll do without.

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    I agree… It’s crazy to not have the old live video up and running for us while the setup and tweak the new stream. I just checked again myself and no live video. I too am starting to watch two other weather sites I am starting to like now. Good bye Weather Channel. Its been many, many years of me watching you to now move on to a site that works.

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    Amazing, still no live feed!

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    I found that too. Then I’m directed to a LocalNow page that basically offers – surprise – full privileges if you pay money. PLUS on looking into it, it informs me that my Comcast service doesn’t provide it. Well…if and when it does…and if it ends up costing more money, I sure as heck won’t be watching any of it. I already pay way too much for what I get through Comcast anyway. So, I guess my question is, why was a perfectly fine page taken down and turned into what ever the heck it’s going to end up being. Oh…I guess the answer to that would be the money angle, right???

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    I wonder why websites are now requiring you to login or pay or whatever to view their stuff. And I also wonder why websites are making unncecessary changes.

    Don’t be surprised if it takes weeks or even months for the new page to finally appear.

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    Give it time. isn’t owned by the TWC TV network anymore so they’re most likely migrating the infrastructure over to this site. It takes time to build up a site. By the way, Local Now is free if you download the iOS and Android apps.

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      Local Now is free on my IPhone – here’s the thing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting sick of viewing everything on a small screen of a phone. I want to see everything BIG right here on my computer. So now, if I want to do that with Local Now, I have to pay for it? Not a chance.

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      Yeah that’s kinda absurd to have it free on iPhone/Android and not online. I guess they never changed that on the website. They really should, it doesn’t make sense.

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    I was traveling over the weekend to Long Island and the hotel we stayed at was using Direct TV Now which has AccuWeather. I started watching it and I felt like old times with the Weather Channel on how we liked it. Im looking in to switching to Direct TV Now so I can start watching AccuWeather going forward on TV and my computer.

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    Bring back the live streaming broadcast!!!


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