Lightning scare in Arizona – thank you Weather Channel

started by MicheleW, September 2, 2019
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      I live in the middle of the desert in Bullhead City, Arizona.

      We rarely get exciting weather here, but during Monsoon season anything can happen.

      Last night, I was awoken by the sound of a smoke alarm and looked outside. To my horror, the palm tree next to my neighbor’s house was hit by lightning and the winds were spreading the embers everywhere, including the roof of my house.

      Rather than panic, I called 911 and then remembered all the tips the Weather Channel had for evacuating. I gathered my important docs, pics and purse and immediately left the house.

      Luckily, Mother Nature was on our side and followed that fire up with a rainstorm that helped to extinguish the flames, along with the amazing Fire Department who showed up within 15 minutes.

      It just goes to show that you can live in what you think is a “safe” area and still be vulnerable to life-threatening events.

      Thanks to the Weather Channel, I was able to stay calm and evacuate my home safely.

      And thanks to Mother Nature, my house was spared.


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