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started by Icycove19, July 26, 2017
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      if lightning strikes a skyscraper will it effect the people in the building at all?

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      I’m not sure but I have heard rumors about seeing something over passengers’ heads after an airplane was struck by lightning.

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      Typically, when lightning strikes a building or skyscraper, the current will travel on the fastest route to the ground and any occupants inside are safe. However, you would still want to stay away from the windows, balconies, and any electrical wiring, as the energy can travel through those pathways. Being inside a plane (or even a car) you are also usually safe, as the current travels along the outside of the plane and then to the ground!

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        Dr. @twcerikanavarro, we must understand that lightning travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second.  That is superbly quick.  #lightningDYK ⚡️⏰

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      If the building is not properly grounded, the percussion may cause damage to concrete, etc. close to the bolt’s contact.  Electrical damage may be extensive

    • When lighting strikes the building it wI’ll travel through the circuits in the building. As long you don’t call people form those non wireless phones you should be fine. Because  it travels through the building to the ground pretty quickly.

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      Is it a myth that the rubber in tires will protect you if you’re in your car?  Also, I heard these days tires aren’t made from true rubber but synthetic rubber.  If there’s any at all, it’s superficial.  True?

    • No the rubber tires don’t protect during a lighting strike. The metal base of the car is what protects you from a lighting strike. As the lighting strike the car it will travel through the metal in your car to the ground as long you don’t touch the metal in your car your fine. That’s what I learned from the weather channel.

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