January 8, 2019 in Central Illinois: the Fall Theater

started by katrina, January 8, 2019
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    today has felt like fall. leaves are on the ground, warm temperatures, and very windy. their is currently a Wind Advisory in effect until 9pm tonight. winds are expected to be around 25-30 mph gusting as high as 40-45 mph (which is Gale force). their has been no snow so far this month (which isn’t bad) but we did get some rain yesterday as a cold front pushed through. we are, however, supposed to get snow Friday Night into Saturday.  right now Winter is not living up to what it seemed in October and November.

    currently it is fair and a warm 47 degrees with winds at 18mph gusting to 33mph, producing a wind chill of 40. today has a high of…47 so I guess this is as hot as it is going to be. minus the wind, it has been nice all day. I can’t remember the last time it was this nice in January. last year at this time it was sunny with a high of 18 (if I remember correctly). this trend, however, is not expected to last.

    tonight the low is expected to drop down to 21 degrees, much colder than today. but tomorrow is when the real cold snap comes. Wednesday only has a high of 27 degrees, 20 degrees colder than today. I am not looking foreword to that.

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