January 13 , 2019 in Central Ilinois: the snow (finally) stopped and official snow totals

started by katrina, January 13, 2019
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    when I woke up this morning I looked outside to see how bad the storm was. I saw that it had thankfully stopped snowing. the roof in front of my window was pilled up with snow so I couldn’t really see anything. but when I went downstairs, I got a closer look and saw that yes, 30 hors later it was still snowing. very lightly, but noticeable. it didn’t stop until around 9:10am CST. after about 34 hours and 40 minutes of snow, the last traces of snow dissipated over the area. snow totals here are at 10.7 inches, a record for that day. I also killed my back shoveling snow. guess you have to take the good with the bad! it looks clear for the rest of the week until Friday when a chance of snow returns. I am just so excited for more snow and more back pain.

    currently it is 31 degrees with winds at 13mph producing a wind chill of 21 and cloudy. no chance f snow for the rest of the day which is very relieving. from what I can see, their has been no damage from the snow. minus our bushes which are being weighed down by the snow. they will spring back up once it melts.

    tonight is supposed to be mostly cloudy with a low of 16

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    Let your inner child come forth and go out and play!


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