January 12, 2019 in Central Illinois: lots of snow continues

started by katrina, January 12, 2019
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    today is finally here. when I woke up this morning, all I could see was white. I didn’t even know where the ground was! I went out to shovel thinking It can’t be that deep. I was wrong. I went outside and the first step I took instantly sank about 2 1/2 inches (which is really weird when you do it). about 3 inches of snow has fallen over the past 12 hours and another 5 inches are on the way. I went out now because I didn’t want to shovel 8 inches of wet snow all at once. it is supposed to stop this evening, but it doesn’t show signs of stopping an I have no corn for popping. the roads are terrible, and my trails I just shoveled are covered up. the Winter storm warning is still in effect and won’t expire until midnight.

    currently it is 30 degrees with winds at 15 mph gusting to 28 making a wind chill of 19 and snowy. we are not at blizzard conditions yet but it has been snowing all day. I just want it to end. the piles are so large in my yard, it almost looks like a fort. so I named it Fort Yard. at this rate, Fort Yard walls will be so high that you won’t be able to see Fort Yards Yard.  oh well, that is life. at least I may be able to build a Fort in Fort Yards wall. and call it the Fort in Fort Yards Wall. Fort Fort Yard for short.

    tonight has a low of 28 with the chance of snow falling from 100% to 40% after midnight.

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    How much total snow are you expecting?  If you don’t see this until the storm is over, how much total did you get?

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      right now we are at about 7 inches. we are supposed to get 8 but we can get up to 9 inches. and yes, at 10pm right now, it is still snowing

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