January 10, 2019 in Central Illinois: dooms clock a'tickin

started by katrina, January 10, 2019
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    we are now 24 hours away from the largest snowfall since November. the NWS has said that beginning Friday Night, a large snowstorm will sweep across Illinois. the storm will mix with rain Saturday Morning and peak around noon. the snow will than stop early Saturday evening. a total of 5 inches is expected over that period. no winter weather alert has been issued but I expect that to change tomorrow. winter storm watches are in effect south of a line stretching from Havana-Danville and a Winter Storm warning is in effect southwest of a line from Jacksonville-Effingham and a winter weather advisory is in effect west of a Havana-Kewanee line.

    currently it is fair and 27 degrees with no wind chill. it is also…night. the high today was (I believe) 33 degrees and it was sunny all day with no sign impending doom. clouds are supposed to increase tonight into Friday as the storm moves nearer.

    tonight it supposed to be mostly clear with a low around 19.

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